The Lord calls where the needs of His children are many. The Franciscan Sisters of St. Elizabeth serve God’s children around the globe.
Today, the Franciscan Sisters of St. Elizabeth serve throughout Italy, the U.S.A., Panama, India, the Philippines and Ethiopia. We are active-contemplatives striving to balance prayer and work throughout our days. We are engaged in early childhood, elementary and secondary education, care of the severely disabled and elderly, nursing, parish work, homes for the poor, visiting the sick and evangelization.
In the United States we serve God’s people through early childhood care and education, nursing, care of the elderly, parish work, catechetical work and evangelization. The life of a Sister of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Elizabeth is a life of love. She does many things, yet essentially only one thing: she loves God and the children of God who have been entrusted to her care. She is literally God’s love in action
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Franciscan Sisters of Saint Elizabeth

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